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Future career opportunities for our master’s degree graduates include positions as marine environment analysis and management experts, marine biologists and ecologists, marine and coastal resources experts, marine and coastal environmental policy experts, and human relations experts in maritime activities.

All our students are asked, during the second year, to earn credits (4 to 16) from training and orientation learning activities to be acquired through internships/placements pertinent to the preparation of the student’s final dissertation, to be carried out in Italian and/or international laboratories, companies, bodies and institutions with which the University has stipulated specific agreements..

Before being formally effective, internship programs must be:

  • approved by the Stage Commission,
  • combined with a didactic project,
  • supported by an official agreement.

It is mandatory, before starting any activity, to communicate with the stage commission about your plans at least 1.5 months before the proposed start date. This is to have enough time to prepare all the relevant documents, including the insurance provided by the University.

Any activity started without the approval of the stage commission will not considered as part of your master’s career, and therefore no credits will be recognised. 

All the communications must be sent with all stage commission members in cc.

Following, a list of steps you, as students, have to follow in order to activate your internship:

  1. You already know (or are in contact with) a potential hosting institution or company interested in hosting you.
    Submit your idea to the Stage Commission and ask for assistance to prepare the didactic project and the agreement.
  2. You don’t have any contact with a potential hosting institution.
    Check the list of the existing agreements directly through your personal page. Schedule a meeting with the Commission to share your interests and ideas. Here is a list of organizations that have been partners to our projects.
  3. Find an internal tutor.
    Choose among the Marine Sciences faculty members, according to the topic of the internship.

Stage or internship programs are fundamental steps of your educational track; therefore, we strongly recommend you to start by focusing on your personal interests and by getting in touch with potential hosting institutions fitting with your target and preferences. 

Further information is available at the following links (in Italian, but feel free to write to the stage commission for assistance if you are non-Italian speaking):

The Commission

Prof. Stefano Malatesta (
Dr. Davide Maggioni (

Existing agreements


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"Picture of the students' group who extensively explored and studied the atoll" 

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