KNIME (download and install)

Dear Sir/Madam,
welcome to the Machine Learning course, Prior to start with the lectures you are kindly asked to do the following:
  • to install the KNIME software platform which is used for hands-on sessions. The course is based on KNIME 3.3.1 (Additional information about which KNIME release can be used will be given during classes). You are asked to perform the following steps: (click over underlined bold text to access the associated resource)
      1. Download KNIME 3.3.1 (scroll down till "KNIME version 3.3.1", you could be asked to register to download KNIME. I suggest to download the KNIME Analytics Platform version 3.3.1 + all free extensions)
      2. Install KNIME
      3. Install KNIME extensions
      4. Launch KNIME
      5. Watch the introductory video named KNIME in brief
      6. Download the test KNIME workflow  and the associated dataset (in case you need it)
      7. Import the test KNIME workflow in KNIME and open it, you should obtain the following workflow
      8. Move on the Partitioning node that you find on the left of the workflow, right click the mouse and "Reset" the node
      9. Run the test KNIME workflow by using the "Execute all executable nodes" command that you find on the KNIME top bar
      10. Check whether the nodes, Box PlotScorer and ROC Curve give the output depicted in this figure. If yes then everything should work correctly. If not, contact the instructor.

I hope everything went well with the above list of things to do, but in case not, do not hesitate to contact the instructor.

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All the best
Fabio Stella

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