The PhD Course in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences is peculiar for its multi-disciplinarity and inter-disciplinarity. The course includes three curricula: Chemical Sciences, Geological Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. The unique framework of integration of scientific disciplines is implemented thanks to the research facilities made available to students at the Departments of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DISAT), Biotechnologies and Biosciences (BtBs), and Materials Science. The multidisciplinary nature of the Doctorate offers the possibility of a continuous contact with different cultural backgrounds while maintaining a high level of specialization in the specific research themes of the different curricula.

Director:  Marco G. Malusà

Responsible for the Curriculum in Chemical Sciences (and deputy director): Davide Ballabio
Responsible for the Curriculum in Geological Sciences: Federico Agliardi
Responsible for the Curriculum in Terrestrial and Marine Environmental Sciences: Andrea Franzetti

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