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    Final exam regulation of Data Science (Italian version)

    How can I start my thesis and what is the timeline?

    In order to start working on the thesis, the student must have already achieved at least 54 CFU within the activities of the approved study plan.

    Once the work has been agreed together with the supervisor, the student must fill in the form “Thesis assignment proposal” (available below) and send it to (the form must be complete with all the information and signatures).
    After a few days, the student will receive the feedback issued by the Teaching Commission. Only after receiving the approval the student can start working on the thesis.

    The period dedicated to writing the dissertation must be at least 6 months and it has to be synchronized with the session in which the student intends to attend the final exam. Therefore it is important that the student sends the Thesis assignment proposal form according to the deadline established for each final exam session.
    The Deadlines Calendar of the final exams for the A.Y. 2023-2024 will be published at the beginning of 2024 on this webpage.

    > Form to be used to start the thesis work: Thesis assignment proposal

    How can I sign up for the final exam?

    Please note that the "Thesis assignment proposal" does not correspond to the final exam registration; it concerns the approval of the thesis project.

    The student must register for the final exam on Segreterie Online, according to the procedures and deadlines stated in the Deadlines Calendar of the final exams, that will be published at the beginning of 2024 on this webpage.
    We suggest students read carefully all the steps and deadlines.

    Thesis and presentation

    Thesis and presentation must be sent in PDF format, according to the instructions that will be published on the Deadlines Calendar and communicated by email a few weeks before the final exam session.
    The University does not require the paper version of the thesis.

    > Thesis title page to be used: Data Science thesis frontispiece
    The use of the proposed title page/frontispiece is mandatory. Minimal style customizations are allowed only if they do not affect the nature and content of the information contained therein.

    Are internship and final thesis the same activity?
    Internship and thesis can be carried out in parallel, but please remember that they are two different administrative procedures
    The curricular internship corresponds to 6 CFU (at least 3 months) and it has a formative nature. It is conducted under the guidance of a Company Tutor and supervised by a University Tutor.
    The final thesis corresponds to 21 CFU (at least 6 months) and it constitutes the conclusion of the student’s educational path. It can be started 1) sending the Thesis Assignment Proposal to (please find above the form), signed by both the student and the Supervisor and then 2) after receiving the approval issued by the Teaching Committee. Once approval is received, the period devoted to the preparation of your thesis will start.

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