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The PhD program in Public Health, hosted by the Department of Medicine and Surgery, offers three curricula:1) Biostatistics and epidemiology, 2) Clinical pathophysiology and disease prevention, and 3) Research and evaluation on health services and technologies.

The goal of the PhD program is to prepare highly-qualified researchers able to work in an interdisciplinary environment to carry out applicative and methodological research in public health and medical research, especially in the field of observational and interventional studies, in public and private institutions.

Students will benefit from the mentoring activity of a tutor in identifying a personalized educational plan through training and courses offered by the teaching staff, by international institutions or societies, and by interdisciplinary training and courses on soft skills offered by the Doctoral School of this university.

International mobility is strongly encouraged, especially in the second and third years of the doctorate, to achieve the goals of the thesis project.

Director: Guido Grassi

Deputy director: Lorenzo Giovanni Mantovani

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