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Economia, Statistica e Data Science / Economics, Statistics and Data Science (ECOSTAT)

The four-year PhD Program in Economics and Statistics (ECOSTAT) has been created to provide the most effective response to the important challenges which doctoral programs in the areas of economics and statistics, both in Italy and Europe, have to cope with nowadays, namely: i) high qualification of the faculty, in terms of teaching abilities and publication records; ii) capability of attracting high quality students; iii) interdisciplinarity; iv) internationalization; v) relations with the non-academic job market; vi) placement of students who have successfully discussed their dissertations.
ECOSTAT carries over the fruitful collaboration among economists and statisticians from the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (DEMS) and the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods of UniMiB, which has started twenty years ago within the BSc in Statistics and Economics, as well as the MSc in Statistics and Economics and is going on with the more recent MSc in Data Science.
Detailed information about ECOSTAT (e.g. novelties, governance, teaching and research activities, placement, call for interest, call for applications, program committee, news, events) can be found at the PhD program website (see below).

Coordinator: Prof. Matteo Manera

Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Giorgio Vittadini

PhD program website