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Psicologia, Linguistica, e Neuroscienze Cognitive / Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience

This PhD program is based in the Department of Psychology ( and is aimed at training two types of professionals. The first category includes researchers studying the functional organization and cerebral bases of perception, attention, language, thinking and reasoning, motivation and emotions, personality and personality disorders, clinical and dynamic psychology, social psychology, the psychology of work and organizations, as well as psychological measurement in all stages of life. The other category is made up of highly qualified professionals who can work outside academia and transfer psychological/linguistic knowledge to the fields of education, health and personal care in a socio-economic and business setting, as well as in innovative high-tech fields where humans and the synergy of technology and human factors play a central role.

This program offers three curricula:

1. The Mind, Brain and Behavior
2. Social, Cognitive and Clinical Psychology
3. Experimental and Applied Psychology (International curriculum)

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Director: Prof. Marco Perugini (
Deputy Director: Prof. Marco Brambilla (