SusBiC – 1st edition

Young Researcher Forum on Sustainable Biomass and Climate Change

The obvious changes observable in Earth’s climate can be directly connected to the past 150 years of industrialisation relying on fossil sources for energy and materials. The young researcher forum on sustainable biomass and climate change, SusBiC, is thought as an opportunity to bring together especially young researchers of all the different disciplines involved in this complex issue. In its first inaugural edition, it aims at presenting the current understanding and the current knowledge in a multidisciplinary context such as to create a common knowledge base across disciplines for enabling more interconnected approaches to solve the pressing problem. The workshop will consist in full introductory key lectures by renowned experts active in key areas of renewable biomass and climate change research. Younger researchers like junior professors and industrial researchers will then present innovative, ideally interdisciplinary solutions highlighting promising, real-world compatible exit strategies to the current impasse. . Presentations by young researchers, such as late stage PhDs and postdocs and will highlight very specific research aspects with focus on applied methods, etc., such as to achieve an interdisciplinary peer-to-peer knowledge transfer. Posters will be displayed during the entire workshop, building the base for continuous discussion and networking.

Scientific committee

Heiko Lange (UNIMIB)
Matteo Gigli (UNIVE)
Stefan Leu (BGU)
Silvia Licoccia (UNITOV)
Luca Zoia (UNIMIB)
Davide Ballabio (UNIMIB)

Aula Magna U6 of the University of Milano-Bicocca

October 19, 2021 – October 22, 2021


Application Deadline
September 15, 2021

For further information, contact: Heiko Lange

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