Welcome to the seminar " Literature Review: how to make a good bibliography" dedicated to Ph.D. students of Bicocca University.

What is the goal of the seminar?

To let you know the resources and the tools that the library offers and how to use them in order to carry out a good literature search. Special attention will be dedicated to the specific resources for each discipline. (databases, search engines, open archives, etc.)

At the end of the seminar you should be able to:

• identify and select the most authoritative and relevant sources for your research topic

• cite correctly your sources of information and manage complex bibliographies

What is the commitment required?

About 16 hours spread over 8 weeks. The course will begin on April 12th. That day, from 2.00 pm to 3.30, we'll have a webconference. Partecipation is mandatory.

How will the course develop?

The seminar is provided as online learning: a web meeting is scheduled for April 12th and then it will continue online.

Individual activities (study, exercises) and collective activities are planned (peer discussion and tutorial guidance through the forum and other online tools).



  • Michele Balzarini
    Michele Balzarini
  • Stefania Fraschetta
    Stefania Fraschetta

Enrolment methods

Manual enrolments