Topic outline

  • Introduction to MultiAgent systems:

    • What is a Multiagent system (MAS)?
    • Specific aspects of MAS
    • When a MAS can be a good solution?
    • MAS and Simulation with MASs
    • Platforms overview
    Some example of real MASs, developped in JADE.
  • Introductions (fast) to the ontologies

    OWL: main features

    Protegè for developing an OWL ontology.

    Please install Protegè 3.5 on your laptop (and download from here the ontology for JADE).

  • 28th of January:
    Introduction to BDI agents and to the speech act theory (1h)
    Introduction to Jason (1h)
    Lab on "strong" agenthood: the agent's belief base and the logic-based reasoning mechanism it supports (1h)

    29th of January:
    Lab on social ability: communication in Jason (1h)
    Lab on situatedness: environment in Jason (1h)

    For the practical part, students can follow and replicate the demos.

    Students should install Jason on their laptops and come with laptops:

    In this folder, students can find the slides of this part:

    • 04/02
      An introduction to CArtAgO (1/2 hour)
      An introduction to Moise (1/2 hour)
      An overview of the JaCaMo platform (1 hour)
      Examples of JaCaMo systems (1 hour)

      Practical session with exercises on JaCaMo development:
      - Voting system (1 hour)
      - Ontologies (1 hour)

      Students should have JaCaMo installed.

      To install it as an Eclipse plugin they need to first install Eclipse and then follow exactly these instruction (being careful about which URL to use depending on the version of Eclipse):
      There are other ways to use JaCaMo that does not require Eclipse:

      Url for the ontology part

    • The JADE platform (2hrs):

      • Platforms and containers
      • Agent life cycle
      • Behaviours
      • Scheduling
      • DF and AMS
      • Message Exchange
      • Jade GUIs
      • Some Examples
      Please install Jade (4.4) and an Eclipse (I'm using Mars, but others should be ok too) + jdk 1.8.
    • DF usage
      Exploiting ontologies in JADE: OntologyBeanGenerator 5

      Please install Protegè 3.5 (or 3.4.8) and OBJ5.2 (see at the end of this post)