Let's keep in touch

Let's keep in touch

di Daniela Maria Basso -
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Dear students, here are two important initiatives to help us keeping in touch.

1) On April 15th at 14:00 there will be a web-meeting with some of the professors.

 2) Your student tutors, Andrea Giulia Varzi and Esteban Gottfried (a.varzi@campus.unimib.it; e.gottfriedburgue@campus.unimib.it) have organized a tutoring support online, given the impossibility to assist you in presence at the University. 

The schedule for April is the following:

14/04 - h 10:00-12:00

16/04 - h 10:00-12:00

20/04 - h 10:00-12:00

22/04 - h 10:00-12:00

24/04 - h 10:00-12:00

27/04 - h 10:00-12:00

29/04 - h 10:00-12:00

You can contact them for any issues regarding online lessons, doubts or feedback on some exams, or even just for a talk during this lockdown crisis. They can easily arrange with you a meeting through WebEX.

Happy Easter!

Prof. Daniela Basso, on behalf of the entire Marine Sciences Faculty, the secretariat and the tutors.