Materials Science Track - Thesis Regulations

Materials Science Track - Thesis Regulations

by Matteo Luca Zaffalon -
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Dear Materials Science Students,

your tutors kindly remind you that all the documentation (forms, regulations, some research projects available...) about the internship and the thesis are available online on the eLearnign platform at this link:

The Materials Science eLearning page is the preferred platform for gathering information on courses, exams and also on the regulations of your master's degree program, so keep an eye on it. Additional assistance and guidance is provided by tutors. For your convenience, we enclose a copy of the Thesis / Internship regulations for students enrolled in the Materials Science track. SUMA students are subject to the thesis regulation of the exit university (KU Leuven).

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Have a great day!

Your tutors,
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