Marine Environmental Microbiology seminars

Marine Environmental Microbiology seminars

by Roberto Tretola -
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Dear students and colleagues,

MARINE ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY course will be hosting two seminars.

Friday 26 November 2021- 12:30 – Room U1-10
Prof. Donato Giovannelli (Università Federico II di Napoli): “Microbial macro- and micro-diversity in marine sediments: the Adriatic Sea case

Friday 3 December 2021- 12:30 – Room U1-10
Prof. Francesca Malfatti (Università di Trieste): “Microbial life across ocean-atmosphere: sea-spray aerosol particles”

Participation to the seminar can be either at room U1-10 or on-line connecting to:

Best regards

Andrea Franzetti