Open access course - after a mandatory evaluation interview. Course admission also requires at least a B2 level of knowledge of the English language.

University system: D.M. 270/2004
Main field of study for the qualification: LM58 - Lauree magistrali in Scienze dell’universo
Course code: F5802Q
Duration: 2 years
Language: English

President of the Teaching Board of Bachelor and Master Degree Courses

Prof. Maddalena Collini (

Supervisor of the Master program

Prof. Sebastiano Cantalupo (

Teaching activities secretary:

Mrs. Maria Grazia Perrone (

The address of the Master’s Degree course in Astrophysics and Space Physics:

Dipartimento di Fisica “Giuseppe Occhialini”
building Quantum (U2), Piazza della Scienza, 3 - zip code 20126 Milano

Web site: