The MSc. Degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is a 2-year post graduate degree programme of 120 credits in the field of Materials Sciences. The course of study is open access. The admission procedure comprises CV evaluation and an interview. The official language of the Course is English.

The programme provides the student with advanced knowledge in physics and chemistry of materials, aimed at the acquisition of methods typical of the materials science and skills for approaching the design of atomic and molecular structures to form materials with specific functions. General aim of the MSc. Degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology is to create individuals with a multiple view approach in tackling new tasks for research and technology innovation where materials science is the main source of new sustainable solutions.

The programme also includes the possibility to choose (after positive evaluation by an international panel) a Dual MSc. Degree track more focused on sustainable materials in partnership with the University KU Leuven. In the Dual track, with 2 nd year in Belgium, the student earns, in addition to the MSc. Degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology, the MSc. Degree in Materials Engineering by KU Leuven, and the MSc. Degree in Sustainable Materials (SuMa) by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

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