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  • Role and importance of the Teachers/Students Joint Committee ("Commissione Paritetica Docenti/Studenti")


    A Teachers-Students Joint Committee ("Commissione Paritetica Docenti/Studenti") is set up within each Department of the University, constituted by an equal representation of teachers and students between six and ten totally, according to the resolutions of the Department Council.

    The Joint Committee:
    a. carries out monitoring activities of the educational offer and the quality of teaching as well as of the service activities to students by professors and researchers;
    b. identifies indicators for the evaluation of the results;
    c. formulates opinions on the activation and deletion of study programmes;
    d. formulates opinions on the system and regulation of study programmes;
    e. speaks on the congruity between the number of credits assigned to training activities and the training objectives provided by the teaching systems; speaks on the overall teaching load of the study programmes;
    f. draws up an annual assessment document of the training activities to be sent to the Academic Senate, the Quality Committee ("Presidio di Qualità") and the Evaluation Board ("Nucleo di Valutazione");
    g. performs any other task assigned to it by current regulations.

    Further information (with the normative reference) is available on page

    Composition of the Department of Computer Science, Systems and Communication Joint Committee (2021-2024 three-year term)

    Teachers representatives 
    Enza Messina (President) 
    Gianluigi Ciocca 
    Gianluca Della Vedova 

    Students representatives
    Gabriele Petroni (Vice-President) 
    Eleonora Rossi

    Contacts are available on page

    Students are encouraged to interact proactively and constructively, in order to obtain their higher involvement and active participation in the quality assurance process.