Topic outline

  • General

    • Internship and thesis

      To start the preparation of the Internship / Final exam, the student must reach the cfu required by the Study Plan, fill in the application form for admission to the Internship or admission to the final exam and hand it in Teaching Secretariat (U5 building, 1st plan) or alternatively send it by e-mail to, (exclusively from the e-mail address 7 days before the session of the Didactic Coordination Council (CCD). The request is examined by the Thesis Committee and subsequently submitted to the Council for approval. The student is contacted only in case of non-approval, therefore in the absence of communications the request is to be considered approved.
      The internship that can be internal and external, after the authorization of the CCD, is communicated to the Internship Office that provides to activate the procedure for internships and traineeships.
      Before submitting the degree application, it is necessary to fill in the Questionario Laureandi.

      Didactic Coordination Council (CCD) sessions: 

      • January 30, 2020
      • March 02, 2020
      • March 30, 2020
      • May 04, 2020
      • June 08, 2020
      • July 01, 2020
      • September 07, 2020